To give integrated and simplistic form
to digital and analog brand, product, and services
with people in mind.

Good ideas are easy to find the challenge is giving them Sheyp. We are a Bay Area utility design firm that specializes in Sheyping integrated digital and analog brand, product, and experiences with people at the heart.

Utility Design is an informed approach we utilize to Sheyp innovative and enduring multidisciplinary ideas from concept to development. Our expertise include Brand Identity, User Interface, User Experience, Print, Packaging, Information Design, and Environmental. We aim to push ourselves and our clients, but understand that rich dialogue is essential to Sheyping stories we talk about. With 10 years of experience we have worked with Fortune 500, Small Businesses, Startups, and NonProfits. Say hello, a great story awaits us.

sheyp \shape\

: to give definitive and integrated form to digital and analog brand, product, and experiences with people at the heart.

utility design

: an informed approach we utilize to sheyp innovative and enduring multidisciplinary ideas from concept to development.